Hypertherm WaterJet 

New HyPrecision Pump

Result: the most reliable, most cost-effective waterjet in the world, and a pump that:

  • Delivers optimum cut quality
  • Is easier to service
  • Lasts longer
  • Is easier to access
  • Requires less routine maintenance

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Hypertherm’s new HyPrecision Waterjet is a complete line of waterjet products that include pumps ranging from 15 to 150 horsepower, precision cutting heads, and abrasive delivery equipment. The addition of waterjet to the Hypertherm family started with our acquisition of AccuStream, a company whose experience with waterjet dates back to the mid-1980’s.  

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The systems all feature Advanced Intensifier Technology. Though it may sound like a fancy marketing name, Advanced Intensifier Technology actually helps operators of these systems in three ways. It cuts down on maintenance intervals, reduces maintenance time and maximizes the overall performance of your system. We estimate the total cost of ownership for a HyPrecision system is up to 20 percent less than a competitive system.